Epson T5270 Driver and Software Downloads for Windows & Mac

Epson SureColor T5270 Driver and Software Downloads for Windows & Mac. A fast overview of Epson’s professional imaging websites website shows a high number of additional media types out there. The matte papers are normal to the kinds of jobs this printer was intended for, but the numerous available choices signify that Epson does a reliable firm in photography, fine arts, and arts, to download the driver, please download the link that we have provided.

Epson T5270 Driver and Software Downloads for Windows & Mac

The photograph paper has been a remarkable output that demanded a little careful handling. The prints necessary to be laid out and maintained horizontal –a couple of copies were draped above a more compact table and got somewhat crinkled. This dilemma was readily prevented after adjusting to how the newspaper might easily form creases.

Epson SureColor T5270 Review

Epson delivers a one time warranty that includes onsite support within the following weekday. Testing never needed onsite help, but some client cases were discussed together with the technicians that picked the machine up following this review. Aside from that extreme-environment instance, most other forecasts associated were regular maintenance.

The configurability, rate, ease of use and various price points of the large-format printer household make it a fantastic match for a broad selection of offices and surgeries. The intuitive LCD monitor menus, automation to manually configure the appropriate print for every paper, and also the printer driver using configurability and project postings created the printer quite simple to operate.

After unpacking components and constructing the printer rack, another step was loading press and calibrating ink. Loading a 100-foot roll of photo paper has been achieved by lifting the scanner, and this can be done quickly using a one-hand performance as a result of hydraulic struts, and taking away the roll-media adapters which readily change between the various center roll dimensions. After locking the adapters into position on the two ends, lifting the roster into place and locking the list, the printer automatically readies the slate for printing and then noticed that the kind of press on the roster, Epson SureColor T5270 Driver and Software Downloads for Windows & Mac.

Compatibility & System Requirements

Windows XP 32bit / Windows XP 64bit / Windows Vista 32bit / Windows Vista 64bit / Windows 7 32bit / Windows 7 64bit / Windows 8 32bit / Windows 8 64bit / Windows 8.1 /Linux / Mac OS

Epson SureColor T5270 Software and Driver Download

Name Size Download
Printer Driver v7.09 36.4 MB
Drivers and Utilities Combo Package 260 MB
Printer Driver – Epson PS Folder Application and PS3 PostScript v7.0.0 19.6 MB
Epson LFP HDD Utility v1.32 3.32 MB
Epson CopyFactory Utility v4.40 53.04 MB

Epson SureColor T5270 Driver and software settings

Step 1: How to Install Drivers with Free Downloads, without CDs (Automatic Wizard)

  1. You must have an Epson SureColor T5270 driver or software settings file. To set the driver file, you can click the link below to download.
  2. You must have a USB cable connector from the printer to the computer that you will get from the printer package.

Follow the instructions about installing the Epson SureColor T5270 printer with the Setup file.

  1. You must turn on the computer and printer.
  2. However, try not to connect the suggested USB cable printer first.
  3. Download the setup and install drivers on your computer by following all the instructions for the progress of the installation.
  4.  You connect the USB cable from the printer after the driver setup installation is complete. In this case, the wizard will analyze when the USB cable is connected. When a USB cable is detected on your computer, the wire will do directed to the next instruction.
  5. Follow the wizard instructions to complete the installation process.
  6. After everything is ready, your printer can douse for the printing process.

Step 2 for how to manually install the Epson SureColor T5270 driver.

This way you need to help the “add printer” option Windows default feature. And having a Setup & Driver software file, it also requires a USB cable printer.

  1. Turn on your computer and printer.
  2. Connect the USB cable from the printer to your computer.
  3. Extract the Epson SureColor T5270 settings file and also extract the location (often found in the TEMP folder)
  4. Click Start à Control Panel a View device & Printer (for Windows 7 and Vista OS). For OS XP, you can click “Fax & printer.
  5. Select “Add a printer.”
  6. After that is ready and adjusted to the driver’s location, give the path where you extracted the settings file.
  7. Follow all the “wizard” instructions to complete the installation.
  8.  The printer is ready for use on your computer.

How to Remove the Epson SureColor T5270 Printer Driver

  1. You must look for the “Windows” key on the keyboard.
  2. Then select “Control Panel.”
  3. Next, select the Uninstall Programs tab.
  4. Look for the name of the driver you want to uninstall.
  5. Click “Uninstall.”
  6. The uninstall process is complete.


  1. Open the Apple menu.
  2.  Click “System Preferences.”
  3.  Click “printer and scanner.”
  4.  Choose the driver that you want to uninstall.
  5.  Click Delete.
  6.  The uninstall process is complete
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